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Annie Londonderry

On June 24th, 1894, two Bostonian businessmen challenged Annie Londonderry to cycle around the world in 15 months, convinced that no woman would be able to do so. They were so sure that if she did it, she would earn $10,000. They lost the bet…

Annie Cohen (her real name) was a young mother of three, on whom winning a $10,000 bet would come in handy to support her family, but how could she afford a world tour on a bicycle? The answer was obvious: looking for sponsors. The first of his many sponsors was the Londonderry Lithia Spring Water Company, which paid him $100 to ride their name around the world on his bicycle.

Thus, Annie Cohen became the first female advertisement in history, even adopting the name Annie Londonderry. When she finished her trip on September 24, 1895, not only won the bet, she also managed to raise from their sponsors a figure equivalent to 300,000 euros today.

The Agency

Inspired by the story of Annie Londonderry, a woman who revolutionized the world and communication, we decided to set up the first omnichannel communication agency in Spain. We are aware of the challenge of trying to democratize an innovation such omnichannel marketing, but we are convinced that the future of communication and marketing lies in adjusting the message to the medium.

We are passionate about challenges, that is why we are always researching this new social network, this new specialized media or this new fashion in design that can help us to differentiate ourselves. At any given moment, who are we going to fool, we go around the world by bicycle if necessary.

In laLondonderry strategy, creativity, omnichannel and results are the engine of our work. Both founding partners have 15 years of experience in the communication and marketing sector and together we serve as a guide for our team to focus on your results.

La agencia

Annie Londonderry, una mujer que revolucionó el mundo y la comunicación, es la fuente de inspiración de la agencia de comunicación omnicanal laLondonderry.

Nos apasionan los retos y somos capaces de llegar al lugar más recóndito del mundo para lograrlos, incluso a lomos de una bicicleta si hace falta.

Estrategia, creatividad, omnicanalidad y resultados son el motor de nuestro trabajo. 15 años de experiencia en el sector de la comunicación y el marketing, el impulso para que tu marca empiece a moverse a toda revolución.

Annie Londonderry

El 24 de junio de 1894 dos empresarios de Boston retaron a Annie Londonderry a que diese la vuelta al mundo en bicicleta en 15 meses, si lo conseguía ganaría 10.000 dólares. Perdieron la apuesta…

Annie Cohen (su verdadero nombre) era una joven madre de tres hijos, a la que ganar una apuesta de 10.000 dólares le vendría estupendamente para mantener a su familia pero, ¿cómo iba a costear una vuelta al mundo en bicicleta? Buscando patrocinadores para su hazaña. El primero de muchos sponsors fue la compañía Londonderry Lithia Spring Water Company, que le pagó 100 dólares por pasear su nombre por el mundo a lomos de su bicicleta.

Así, se convirtió en la primera mujer anuncio de la historia y adoptó el nombre de Annie Londonderry. Cuando finalizó su viaje el 24 de septiembre de 1985, no sólo ganó la apuesta sino que logró recaudar de sus patrocinadores una cifra equivalente a 300.000 euros actuales.

Patricia Montero

Corporate and institutional communication



Patri has extensive experience in the B2C field, specially in the tourism sector, having worked for clients such as Turismo de Madeira, Portugal, MSC Cruceros, Ushuaïa, etc. Within the digital industry, he has developed communication plans for eBay, Monster, Hotels.com, Expedia and MuchoViaje.com among others.

She also has experience in the fields B2B, institutional and Public Affairs, having created and implemented public relations plans and corporate reputation internationally for clients of the stature of the Moroccan Agency for Investment Development (Ministry of Industry of Morocco), the Venezuelan Discount Bank or the European Fisheries Control Agency.

In the area of events he has coordinated the organization of large openings such as those of the Spanish branches of the Chinese banks ICBC and CCB, the launch of Netflix in Spain and other events for AMDI, the NGO Mares Para Siempre, Muchoviaje, etc…


Previous experience

Managing Partner. PR4eCommerce

Director of Public Affairs Division for Spain. Publicis Group.

Director of Public Affairs, Tourism and Digital Accounts. Communication Framework


Patricia has a degree in journalism from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Patricia Ramos

Digital communications and SEO


 Triz has experience in the B2B and B2C fields and has worked on the implementation of online communication and reputation plans for clients in the consumer goods, luxury and travel sectors. Much of her professional career, almost ten years, she developed as editor-in-chief at Copernal Publishing. Eventually she was also named Social Media Manager and SEO of the company.

The last few years she specialized in SEO and Social Media, being a specialist in online reputation, where she has worked for major luxury brands to coordinate and manage their communication in times of crisis.

She has also worked in corporate communication for digital industry brands such as Lesara, Brandsdistribution and eShow, among others.


Previous experience

Account Executive. PR4eCommerce

Specialist in SEO and Online Reputation. Freelance.

SEO Manager and director of TeamMania magazine. Reach.

Editor-in-chief and Social Media Manager. Copernal Publishing.


Triz has a Master degree in Journalism from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.