laLondonderry is strategic

Our first job is to find the perfect strategy for your brand to reach your clients and prescribers, wherever they are. To do this, we will begin by analyzing your business to the millimeter: your identity, your product, your marketing objectives, your competition, your stakeholders, … We want to know you thoroughly before starting to work on a communication plan. With all these data we will elaborate an omnicanal strategy, in which we integrate online and offline communication towards a single goal, the success of your brand.

LaLondonderry’s team is multidisciplinary: journalists, network specialists, graphic designers and web developers work hand in hand to achieve a unique strategy that helps you differentiate yourself from the competition and achieve your goals. The two directors of the agency have more than 15 years of experience in online and offline communication.

laLondonderry is creative

At laLondonderry we know that the only way to make your brand stand out from its competitors is to elevate creativity. In a world where information circulates at an astonishing speed, a good creative concept is what makes the difference between more content or a content that is remembered.

That’s why, because creativity is part of the agency’s DNA, we have designers, illustrators and video artists, … so that you have at your fingertips all the possibilities to succeed.

It’s not about writing tweets with any image, it’s about creating a community and providing valuable content. It’s not just an advertisement, it’s an opportunity to be remembered. It’s not just your logo, it’s the soul of your brand. We can help you improve your corporate identity both visually and communicatively.

laLondonderry and her omnichannel thought

In today’s increasingly digital and global marketplace, your customers and stakeholders are everywhere and inform themselves (and make decisions) through all channels. That’s why omnicanal strategy is not an option, it’s a necessity.

Social networks, media, digital marketing, influencers, events,… At laLondonderry we move online and offline, so you can connect with your audience wherever they are. But this is not something ethereal, our press releases, for example, are written taking into account the keywords of the SEO of your website. This means that every time your website is published it improves its organic positioning in search engines. On the other hand we generate strategies in social networks that reinforce your brand image. Content marketing, done through your blog serves to improve your SEO and to provide content to your networks. In short term, the communications of your brand are no longer separate to start working aligned and in an omnichannel way.

At laLondonderry we achieve results

In the omnichannel communication agency laLondonderry we always set ourselves concrete objectives and we do not stop fighting until we achieve them. Your goals are also ours, so we commit ourselves to them until we achieve them.

We think and move for quantifiable and measurable results. We have developed our own system of reporting and statistics that help us understand what works and what can be improved in order to fine-tune the strategy until the established objectives are achieved.

The omnichannel is measured through audiences, impressions and interactions, in the same way that you can measure the visits to your website or the times the telephone rings in your office. Our report model is customized for each of our clients and shows, visually and simply, the results of our work.