Digital Communications & PR

Your brand, the core of our strategy
Your story, in all channels
Your results, our goals

Your brand, the core of our strategy

You are the most important thing for laLondonderry, that’s why your brand must be the core from which we design your strategy and your communication and marketing plan.

15 years of experience in corporate communication, have taught us that there are only three essential things in a plan: your brand, your storytelling and your results.

Your storytelling, our engine
We leverage the key messages of your business to build a unique positioning and differentiator from the competitors. Who you are, where you come from, how you got here, where you want to go and what can you offer to your customers.

To make this story stronger, we help you establish a relationship with your customers, wherever they are. If you have an omnichannel client, your methodology should be the same.

Your story, in all the channels

Not only online, but also.

We define ourselves as the first omnichannel communication agency in Spain because our methodology uses all available channels in an integrated way. In this way, online and offline relate, empower each other and grow together. They work together and make your results grow.

Your results, our goal
We align with your business objectives, making communication not only serve to build up your brand, but also to achieve tangible results. Bringing together the quantitative parameters of marketing with the strategic thinking of corporate communication is our distinctive value.

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